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Not sure what you need?

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your business needs and make clinical recommendations.

Our Services

MindMatters offers workplace mental health and wellbeing services tailored to your needs. We deliver these to the highest clinical standards and with the utmost care whilst maintaining competitive pricing.

We also have a nationwide telehealth psychology service.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

Workshops and Speaking Events

We offer condensed and practical training workshops, webinars and speaking events designed for busy New Zealand workplaces. Equip your people leaders and employees with an engaging learning experience. Our range of fantastic facilitators make even tough topics enjoyable and always keep an eye on what is practical for the workplace. Workshops can be custom designed in collaboration with People and Culture or Wellbeing Team staff to meet specific business needs. We also have condensed tried-and-tested workshops: Our popular Mental Health and Wellbeing for Managers is designed with people leaders in mind. This workshop covers 1) how to notice signs of unwellness, 2) how to have wellbeing kōrero (conversations), and 3) how to support employees who are unwell. Also available is a general Mental Health and Wellbeing workshop suited to all employees. We generally keep learning activities condensed, with a focus on maximising learning so people leave feeling well-equipped for the workplace environment in a relatively short space of time. Get in touch if you would like to discuss how MindMatters can assist your Learning and Development needs.

MindMatters Clinic mental health wellbeing workshop training speaking event

Professional Supervision and Coaching

Provide people leaders in high-pressure roles with supportive supervision or coaching by a registered MindMatters professional. This can help leaders keep their head above water and develop in their role. Leaders and People and Culture staff have tough jobs. Extra support with professional supervision or coaching can make all the difference. This is especially helpful for those in challenging roles or positions where a lot of time is spent caring for others. MindMatters also offers group supervision, and one-off consultation support. One-off sessions are helpful when a situation is proving especially challenging to navigate. In these cases, expert guidance provides much-needed reassurance, advice, and can help prevent further escalation. Get in touch if you would like to discuss how MindMatters can support your leaders to thrive.


Clinical Expert Consultation

Involving a clinical expert in your business wellbeing initiatives ensures safety, credibility, and impact for your employees. We can assist with your psychosocial risk assessment, wellbeing framework, or wellbeing resources. MindMatters also supports the research, development and evaluation of wellbeing products and services. PSYCHOSOCIAL RISK ASSESSMENT Get as little or as much input as you require. A MindMatters professional can assist you to: • Choose the most appropriate psychosocial risk assessment tool to suit your business; • Complete the assessment by drawing on existing data, such as engagement surveys, to reduce survey fatigue as well as costs; • Carry out additional data collection when these are needed, such as focus groups or surveys; • Analyse the data, write up and present results; • Make practical, informed recommendations. WORKPLACE WELLBEING FRAMEWORK, PLAN AND RESOURCES Have a clinical expert assist in the development of your business wellbeing framework, plan, or resources to ensure they hit the mark. We will work with your People and Culture or Wellbeing Team staff to help your organisational wellbeing efforts not only be a good fit for the business but also draw on evidence-based and culturally responsive practice. For instance, you can get clinical expertise for staff resources like escalation pathways for leaders, return-to-work templates or employee wellbeing perks (e.g., memberships, subscriptions). RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Sometimes a workplace's core business is to provide a mental health and wellbeing product or service. MindMatters can assist by providing consultation or more hands-on support with the research, development and evaluation stages of your product. This can be a great way to enhance credibility, have quality assurance, and ensure impact. Get in touch if you would like to discuss how MindMatters can assist your wellbeing efforts.

MindMatters Clinic business workplace wellbeing consultation

Individual support

Sometimes you need more than EAP. Access prompt, assistance from clinical experts for teams or individual employees. This includes on-site assistance, routine or post-incident wellbeing checks, fitness-to-work assessments, and return-to-work plans. Individual employees or teams inevitably experience wellbeing challenges that impact on their work at times. This could be significant unwellness or exposure to a critical incident or highly distressing event. When this occurs, MindMatters can provide timely support from a registered and experienced clinician. Get in touch now to speak to a MindMatters clinical expert about your needs.

MindMatters Clinic individual employee mental health wellbeing and critical incident support

Not sure what you need?

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your business needs and make clinical recommendations.

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