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The ADHD Clinic

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Our team of experts are here to help.

If you are an organisation enquiring about our workshops, are interested in offering funded assessments to your people, or for media enquiries, contact us and one of our team will assist you.

If you are an individual seeking an adult ADHD diagnostic assessment, we offer instant online bookings. To start, please read our detailed information sheet below.

Our gold-standard assessments are available nationwide with short wait times. Our services are delivered via telehealth by our team of specialist registered psychologists and our partner psychiatrist provider.  We can provide medication and behavioural treatment options for those who receive a diagnosis. 

If you would like to go ahead, you can book online! Simply make your booking using the link below. Please also email us a signed consent form: 

Got further questions? Check out our FAQs below

  • Is a diagnosis from MindMatters Clinic assessments always accepted by other clinicians?
    We can never guarantee what other clinicians' opinions of our assessments will be, but our assessments have an excellent reputation among health services in New Zealand with extremely low query rates. This is because of our gold-standard, comprehensive approach including robust quality assurance processes. Here is an example of our quality assurance processes: For more complex assessments, for example with multiple co-existing mental or physical health difficulties, the assessing clinician may query whether making an ADHD diagnosis is appropriate. If this is the case for you, they will discuss this openly with you as early as possible. They are also likely to seek a second opinion from another experienced clinician , and can even take your case to a specialist group of ADHD assessment clinicians to seek a consensus opinion. Your assessing clinician would always seek your consent before doing this, but it can be useful in rare cases where for some reason your assessment is particularly complex. It is our robust processes like these that increase other health professionals' confidence in our assessments!
  • Who does my assessment?
    Our assessments are completed by registered psychologists throughout New Zealand with specialist training in adult ADHD assessments.
  • What if I'm turning 18 soon?
    You can make an appointment for when you turn 18.
  • How do I sign the consent form?
    You can electronically sign it and email it to us. For example, using Adobe Acrobat or if you are using a Mac you can open the PDF in Preview and use the MarkUp tool. You can also physically print the form, sign it, and then take a photo or scan it. Either way, email it through to us so we can secure your booking : )
  • Are these official diagnostic assessments recognised in New Zealand?
    Yes. As part of your assessment, MindMatters Clinic also provides you with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment report for your records.
  • Do you work with children?
    No. MindMatters Clinic only works with adults aged 18 or above.
  • Do you offer Autism assessments?
    No. We can screen for Autism as part of an ADHD assessment but do not currently offer formal Autism diagnostic assessment.
  • I've already had an assessment, can I see the psychiatrist for medications?
    Our psychiatrist only sees people who have had their ADHD assessment completed by MindMatters Clinic. If you have received your diagnosis elsewhere, we suggest you check the ADHD New Zealand directory where other psychiatrists specialising in ADHD are listed.
  • I don't have anyone to provide the childhood information, and I have no school reports. Does this mean I can't have an assessment?
    It means that you cannot receive a diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood from us. Without the childhood information, you can still choose to have an assessment, which could determine if you meet all of the other criteria and provide you with tailored recommendations. However, to access medication treatment for ADHD, which is the first line of recommended treatment, you do require a formal diagnosis. Without a formal diagnosis, you can still access behavioural treatments for ADHD which are also recommended in best practice guidelines and known to be effective in the management of ADHD symptoms. We have psychologists who can provide this treatment and are also looking to start a lower-cost group treatment later in the year (please email us if you are interested in being added to our list for this). We understand that this requirement unfortunately means some people cannot access a diagnosis with us, even if they are experiencing significant current ADHD-like symptoms. You could enquire with other clinics to see if any provide diagnoses without this information.
  • Will my health insurance cover my assessment?
    You will need to check this with your insurer directly. MindMattters Clinic are happy to provide the required documentation for your insurance application upon request.
  • When do I need to make the payment?
    Payments need to be made in full upfront. You will receive the invoice within 1 business day of your making booking.
  • Do you offer payment plans or partial payments?
    No. We currently require invoices to be paid in full and upfront at the time of booking.
  • Are there any funding options available?
    Unfortunately, adult ADHD diagnosis is not currently funded by our public health system. This means that most people have to self-fund their assessment. We have heard that, on rare occasions, some people have been able to access funding or partially funding, for example by applying for a special grant or speaking with WINZ. However, MindMatters Clinic has no information or visibility over this so we cannot provide further information or advice.
  • I've found an assessment cheaper elsewhere. How does your pricing work?
    Our assessments are a fixed price based on the length of time our specialist clinicians take to complete a gold-standard and comprehensive diagnostic assessment. This includes all appointments, reviewing documentation including psychometrics, obtaining required collateral information, and documenting a clinical report for your records. There are varied approaches out there to diagnostic assessments in New Zealand. We recommend checking what an assessment involves before paying for it.
  • We are an organisation looking to provide funded assessments for some of our people. Are you interested in providing these?
    Yes! We love partnering with organisations to deliver funded assessments and have a good process for this. Please get in touch. .
  • Do you guarantee the appointment time frames indicated in the info sheet?
    We aim firmly for assessment results to be within 4 weeks from the first appointment, and the psychiatrist appointment (if you have booked the psychiatry treatment package in advance) within 3 weeks of you receiving your results. On rare occasions there are delays due to external factors outside of our control: The most common reason being when we are waiting for your friends or family to provide us with your collateral information.
  • What are your wait times?
    We do not have wait times. We have worked hard to offer nationwide, high-quality assessments via telehealth without long waits.
  • Are there any delays in getting a psychiatry appointment for treatment if I am diagnosed?
    No. If you have booked the diagnostic assessment and psychiatry treatment package, then following your results 3 to 4 weeks is the typical wait. Having this time is sensible as it allows you to digest the diagnosis, note down questions that come up before your psychiatry appointment, and get any routine screening tests at your local GP clinic or pharmacy that the psychiatrist requires before you see them e.g., blood pressure check. Please note, that if you do not purchase the Assessment and Psychiatrist Treatment Package, then wait times to see our psychiatrist can be significantly longer, often several weeks or more.
  • If you give me an ADHD diagnosis, will this be accepted to get medication overseas as well?
    Each country has different requirements for accessing ADHD medications. Having a comprehensive report like the one we provide can make a big difference. The best way to access ADHD medications overseas is: To already be on an established ADHD medication treatment before arriving in a new country; To have arranged a medical appointment in the new country in advance, with a view to continuing your existing ADHD medication treatment; To have provided the new medical clinic with a copy of our comprehensive assessment report and any follow-up medical notes from our psychiatrist; It can also be worth checking in advance that your current medications are available in that country, and if the new medical clinic requires any further information. Like New Zealand, long wait times are not uncommon overseas so advance planning is key.
  • What would the approximate timeframes be for the next steps of the process, including booking in the second clinical interview appointment, and any resulting diagnosis outcome?
    Have a look at our information sheet, as we describe this in some detail. The process is usually 4 weeks in total for the assessment, with one week between the first and second appointment, and two weeks between the second appointment and diagnosis results. Providing you have purchased the Assessment and Psychiatrist Treatment Package in advance, there is then approximately 3 weeks between results and the medication appointment if you proceed to our psychiatrist. Usually the psychiatrist also sees you a couple of weeks later for a medical review, which is included in the psychiatry treatment package. If you’re in Canterbury and go the free ADHD medication route via your GP, the wait is usually 4-6 weeks or so for your GP to hear back from the public health psychiatrists. Please note that you don’t meet with the psychiatrist, they simply review our report, advise your GP and provide the special authority for medications.
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