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Mental Health

MindMatters provides efficient, tailored support delivered with care.

Whether the need is around psychosocial risk, training workshops, professional coaching, or prompt assistance for a staff wellbeing issue, MindMatters offers businesses across Aotearoa effective wellbeing solutions they can trust.

MindMatters Clinic koru

Tēnā koe

We are a team of clinical psychologists and other experienced professionals who are passionate about workplace mental health and wellbeing.

At MindMatters, we cut through the fluff. We provide businesses with credible, best-practice advice and support to get the solutions they need. We ensure precious wellbeing resources are targeted where they will have the most impact for employees and the business.

MindMatters Clinic founder and CEO Dr Louise Cowpertwait Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

Founder and CEO, Dr Louise Cowpertwait

MindMatters Clinic koru

Our Services

MindMatters services are set up in collaboration with each business to meet specific mental health and wellbeing needs. This can include clinical input for psychosocial risk assessment, mental health and wellbeing training or resource development, and hands-on support for individuals. 

Not sure what you need? Get in touch and we will assist you with clinical recommendations.

“Coaching created a space for me to reflect and think, be more purposeful in practices, and helped me make choices ... The biggest changes are within, and how I now position myself in situations, and the feeling of being enough ...”

Danni Williams, Director, PwC

on working with Dr Kirsty Agar Jacomb

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