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MindMatters Clinic are national experts in workplace mental health and wellbeing.

Whether you are looking for a speaker, training workshop, professional supervision, or assistance with a staff wellbeing issue, our team of psychologists are here to provide  science-backed wellbeing solutions tailored for your people.

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NZ businesses need to focus down on mental health and wellbeing more than ever.

1 in 4 Kiwis are currently experiencing a mental health condition in any year, which is estimated to cost NZ organisations $4.5 billion per annum.


With changing health and safety legislation and record ERA penalties, it's a concern 84% of people leaders tell us they don't know how to handle an employee disclosure of wellbeing issues.

As NZ leading clinical experts, we know that by taking a clinically informed approach, workplaces receive a return on investment of $5.3 for every dollar spent. 

At MindMatters, we cut through the fluff. We provide credible, best-practice advice and support to get the solutions you need. We ensure precious wellbeing resources are targeted where they will have the most impact for employees and the business.

Sources: Officer (2022); BusinessNZ (2023); NICE (2022); MindMatters Clinic (2024); Deloitte (2022).

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We collaborate with you and tailor our approach so you can be assured we will meet the unique needs of your people and sector. You could be looking for a training workshop, employee wellbeing support, professional supervision, or consultation for your current wellbeing initiative. Simply contact us with a bit of information and we will provide you with our clinical recommendations, options and pricing.


Below is a summary of common services we provide.


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